Structural Repair Ties – 10Pk

Structural repair ties are extra long 12mm diameter drive-in helical wall ties that reinforce vulnerable masonry walls. Lengths 1070 (42″), 1220 (48″) and 1370mm (54″) – 10Pk. Price on request.


Structural repair ties are extra long helical wall ties that reinforce vulnerable masonry walls.  The drive-in ties corkscrew deep into masonry to form a mechanical connection that needs no cement-based grout.  The resulting mechanical interlock connection makes the ties ideal for reinforcing walls on heritage houses, listed buildings and ancient monuments.

The 12mm diameter structural wall ties are manufactured in 316 marine grade stainless steel and are available in  1070mm (42″), 1220mm (48″), 1370mm (54″), 1520mm (60″) and 1670mm (66″) lengths. They have a cross sectional area of 28mm2 and have twice the strength of any other self-tapping spiral wall ties of similar design.
Drive these extra long masonry tie bars into 8mm or 10mm pilot holes to fix them into brick, block and stone walls.  Once fitted the hammer-driven ties increase the tension and shear capacity of masonry structures.

Extra long structural repair ties are ideal for:

  • re-connecting buttressing walls
  • pinning masonry arches
  • tying thick and rubble fill stone walls
  • corner crack stitching
  • reinforcing parapet walls
  • securing stone quoins

To install the extra long ties simply drill the deep pilot holes and drive-in using a proprietary SDS adaptor.  Use 8mm holes for soft masonry and 10mm holes for hard masonry. The structural tying system is at least 10 times as faster to drill and install than alternative deep pinning systems, delivering exceptional savings in labour costs.  Advantages include:

  • Less disturbance caused to buildings than with any other retrofit deep pinning system
  • Longer and stronger than any other helical wall tie
  • Can be used at any temperature including sub-zero conditions
  • No cements = no material compatibility issues on old historic buildings with lime mortars
  • Cost effective with rapid installation rates

Long helical wall ties are UK designed and manufactured by Thor Helical under Patent No: GB 2439633.

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1060mm, 1220mm, 1370mm