Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Thorhelical?

Thorhelical specializes in helical reinforcement and repair solutions for masonry and structural elements. We are known for our products and systems designed to stabilize and strengthen various structures, including buildings with structural issues such as cracks or instability.

What Makes Thorhelical's Products Better?

Thor helical’s leading reputation relies upon continuous product development, innovative design and manufacturing excellence. Thor Helical bars, ties and fixings provide optimum performance at the most economic price.

What range of solutions do Thorhelical offer?

Thor helical are pioneers of the original helical wall ties, fixings and retrofit masonry reinforcement technologies. Patents for the Thor Helical products were first filed in 1984 and are used globally in both new and refurbishment market sectors, supplying engineered helical bars, wall ties and fixings.

Why choose Thorhelical Stitching Bars?

Our patented manufacturing process delivers consistancy in tensile strength while progressively accumulating building loads are dispersed back into the structure to strengthen cracked walls and provide resilience against further cracking. Fully concealed tension straps for stitching cracked walls, coupled with Thorhelical bars and Thor grout produce an excellant bond within the wall.

How to install crack stitching system?

Grind out mortar bed to a depth of 30mm for half brick wall or 40mm for full brick wall, 500mm either side of the crack. Clear debris from the slot and thoroughly flush out with water. Pump a bead of Thor grout to the back of the slot to approximately 10mm from the surface. Push Thor bar half way into the grout-filled slot, trowel back displaced grout and repoint.

Can i reinforce external corners with crack stitching bars?

Yes! A series of helical bars are bent at right angles and are bonded into slots with Thor grout, a highly durable thixotropic cementitious grout. The bars form layers of concealed reinforcement for stitching cracks at a corner of a building, wrapping around the corner to improve butressing.

Why choose Thorhelical replacement wall ties?

Quick, easy and durable, Our Patented precise pitch engineering offers unrivalled reliability. Out Patented SDS tool reduces tooling costs while a small pilot hole minimally disturbs the surrounding area. No adhesives, fire resistant and cold tolerant. 

How many ties do i need and what spacing is recommended?

Provided that your walls are of typical masonry cavity wall make-up, with each leaf  being at least 90mm in thickness, you will need to install tying system at the rate of 2.5 wall ties per m². Wall tie spacing should be at 900mm centres vertically by 450mm horizontally. Additional vertical wall ties shouyld be inserted at open reveals so that there is 1 wall tie per 300mm of wall height.

When do i need to reinforce a lintel?

Lintel failure can occur due to inadequate buttressing on either side of the arch. Concrete tintels have a tendancy to rotate, while timber and steel lintels degrade over time. For many years, Thorhelical have been reinforcing and repairing brick lintels. Our lintel repair system supports masonry above while spreading the structural load.

How to install Lintel reinforcement?

Remove section of mortar to full height in two separate bed joints. Flush with clean water and bond a pair of 6mm helical bars, 10mm apart, into each slot using Thor grout to make a good match. Depth of the slots should be 40mm on a half brick single leaf and 55mm on a full brick solid leaf. treat thicker walls from both sides. Ratio between span of opening and distance between top and bottom reinforcement should not exceed 7:1.

When do i need masonry brick reinforcement?

Reinforced brick masonry can be used wherever masonry has lost its load-bearing capacity. It is commonly used to span areas of localised ground movement in order to alleviate the need for partial underpinning. It can be used to span between concrete pads or piles to reduce the cost of sibsidence repairs.

How do i request a quotation for Thorhelical products?

Looking for a quote on Thorhelical products? Simply head over to our Contact page and let us know what you need. Our team of South African Structural Solutions Specialists is ready to assist you. Contact us today for your personalized quote.