Crack stitching wall repair with Thor Helical bars

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Helically twisted crack stitching bars reconnect and reinforce cracked masonry walls and brickwork. These 6mm stainless steel bars, with a profiled and twisted design, are bonded across wall cracks to enhance masonry’s tensile and flexural strength.

Thor Helical crack stitching bars are manufactured in the UK to patented engineering tolerances and come in 1m and 2m lengths.

In use, the high tensile reinforcing bars redistribute tensile forces along the full length of the helix and provided added resilience to shear loads to fully restore the stabilised structure to full strength.

When is Stitching necessary?

Wall cracks occur due to movement beyond the tolerance of construction materials, often concentrated in areas of high stress or minimal reinforcement such as around windows or doors. If crack diameters are less than 5mm, simple brickwork stitching techniques suffice for repairs.

Cracks are categorized as Active, expanding in size; Passive, no longer expanding; or Cyclic, expanding and contracting seasonally.

Masonry walls will need to be inspected for any visible cracks as well as any signs of bowing or bulging that may be present. Signs of water or dampness, even an odd discoloration, might indicate a problem. Adittionally, any crumbling  mortar will need to be inspected.

Concrete walls are no exception. Spalling: the chipping away of the concrete surface may be a sign of an underlying issue, as well as exposed rebar being a serious concern. With sufficent corroding of reinforced steel, structural intergity becomes compromised.

Using Thor Helical crack stitching bars

Stainless steel rods, shaped and twisted, are bonded into walls, stitching masonry across cracks at regular intervals. This brick stitching system enables the cracked wall to act as a reinforced, non-fractured unit.

With a helical configuration, the crack stitch rods physically interlock with the bonding agent, showcasing a unique and resilient torsional, spring-like quality. This allows for minor wall movement and recovery without brittle failures.

For a half brick single leaf, slot depths should be 30mm, and for a full brick leaf, 45mm. Thicker walls require treatment from both sides. Bars should be spaced at 300mm to 450mm intervals.

How bad is it?

Always consult with a structural engineer or a qualified professional if you are uncertain about the severity of the issues or the appropriate repair methods. Regular inspections and addressing issues promptly can help prevent more extensive damage and costly repairs in the long run.

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