Wall Anchor Kit – 910mm Spiral Fixings – 10 Ties

A Wall Anchor Kit with long-series drive-in wall ties that form a chemical-free structural connection. Quick and easy to install with no material compatibility issues. 10pcs 910mm ties, SDS Tool and 1m drill bit


A Wall Anchor Kit including long-series drive-in helical wall ties that are used as chemical-free structural connectors to secure a building’s facade to a wall that runs perpendicular to it. The 12mm diameter self-tapping ties are driven deep into masonry to form a mechanical connection that needs no cement, grout or resin, making them ideal for remedial use when working on heritage houses and ancient monuments.

The long-series 12mm diameter structural ties have twice the mass of any other self-tapping helical wall ties of similar design or function.  They corkscrew into brick, block, limestone and concrete, when driven into an undersized pilot bore, to offer outstanding resistance to axial and shear loads

Manufactured from marine grade stainless steel (AISI 316) and with a cross sectional area of 29mm2, the structural ties are ideal for tying solid façade walls at wall junctions, such as corners and party walls without the need for bonding agents.  Simply drill the pilot holes at 450mm centres and drive ties in.  The material cost of this 12mm dry-pinning system is similar to that of using traditional 8mm helical bars with a proprietary cement grout and much faster to  install, offering substantial savings in labour, less disturbance and improved cleanliness.

  • No material compatibility issues on old houses or listed buildings having lime mortars
  • No installation temperature restrictions
  • At least twice as strong in compression, tension and shear than alternative helical fixings
  • 8-10 times quicker to install than ties that are fixed using chemical bonded agents
  • Less disturbance to the structure than with any other deep pinning system

In addition to tying walls to cross walls and party walls,­ these versatile structural masonry anchor fixings are ideal for use on brick or stone buildings to secure quoins, tie thick or rubble filled walls, pin masonry arches or to introduce vertical reinforcement to parapet walls.­ This wall anchor kit contains:

  • 10pcs long-series 12mm (1/2″) diameter x 910mm (36”) long spiral wall connectors
  • 1m SDS masonry bit. Select 8mm (3/8”) for soft or medium strength masonry or 10mm (7/16”) for hard
  • A professional SDS adaptor that hammers the structural wall connectors into pre-piloted masonry wall

This Thor Helical Wall Anchor Kit is made in Britain and protected under UK Patent No: GB 2439633.­  For ease of application, safety consi­dera­tions and to preserve the life of the long-drill bits we recommend that smaller drill bits are used to start the pilot holes

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Weight 2.914 kg
Dimensions 105 × 7 × 7 cm