Masonry Crack Repair Kit

Complete Masonry Brick Stitching Kit. Contains all products needed for high strength, masonry repairs to cracked brick, block or stone walls. Select 6mm, 7mm or 8mm helical bars. 10 bar kit


Masonry crack repair kit with everything needed for professional brick stitching and rein­for­cement. Suitable for repairing wall cracks in brick, block & stone walls.

Helical brick stitching bars are bonded into slots made in a mortar bed joint to stitch across cracks in walls. Tensile forces are redistributed along the full length of the structural rein­for­cement, to effect a masonry crack repair that stabilises and strengthens the cracked wall.

This wall crack repair kit offers a cost effective, retrofit solution for the permanent repairs of cracks in masonry. Select the standard kit for 6mm crack stitching bars or for the higher strength a kit with either 7mm or 8mm helical reinforcement bars.

Masonry Crack Repair Kit includes:

10 x 1m helical crack stitching bars in 304 grade stainless steel (choice of 6mm, 7mm and 8mm)
1 x 7kg tub of WHO 60 masonry repair grout (yield=3l)
1 x Grout-Master applicator with Hi-Flo nozzle
1 x Helix mixer paddle
1 x Finger trowel / brick jointer

Additional information

Weight 9.45 kg
Dimensions 105 × 30 × 30 cm