Crack Stitching Grout x 48

WHO-60 is a high performance grout designed for bonding helical bars into masonry walls. Fully tested at the BRE, this polymer modified grout is sold on pallets of 48 tubs, sufficient for fixing 480 stitching bars.


WHO-60 is a high performance crack stitching grout designed specifically for bonding helical bars into masonry walls. This polymer modified grout has been tested at the BRE and features a cement / polymeric resin powder component and liquid component.

Thorhelical supplies WHO-60 in pallets containing 48 tubs. Each tub yields 3Lts of a thixotropic stitching grout for bonding helical reinforcement bars into brick,­ block and stone walls.  The high strength masonry repair mortar is smooth and  cohesive to ensuring a good bond strength to the masonry and the stainless steel rods. The pallet contains sufficient grout for fixing 480 stitching bars

Additional information

Weight 384 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm