Cavity Wall Ties – Remedial Kit

(150 TIE KIT) Remedial brick tie kit. 150 self-tapping helical ties, SDS setting tool and 2 SDS carbide drill bits for simple, rapid & cost effective cavity tie replacement. CE Mark Approved in respect of EN845-1: 2013 for use in masonry materials..

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Cavity wall ties in a remedial kit having sufficient cavity ties for 60 square metres.

Stainless steel CD ties deliver a self tapping undercut fixing. Simply drive into a pilot hole in masonry walls using the impact action of a roto hammer drill for the easiest, fastest & most cost effective cavity wall tie replacement system. Be sure to make the pilot hole 10mm longer than the tie so that it can be recessed.

Thorhelical helical ties are suitable for remedial use in all masonry wall types. SDS setting tools enable safe two-handed drill operation throughout installation of this unique cavity wall tie replacement system. This advanced and newly patented remedial cavity wall tie system carries a European CE Mark Approval in respect of EN845-1: 2013 for use in a wide variety of masonry materials.

The Cavity Wall Tie Replacement Kit includes:

  • 150 x Stainless Steel AirTwist replacement Wall Ties
  •    2 x 6mm diameter SDS Tungsten Carbide Drill Bits
  •    1 x Remedial Wall Tie Setting Tool – the tool spins around the end of the tie and deliveres hammer blows to it.


 Width of Cavity  Length of Tie
    0 – 25mm  180mm
   25 – 45mm  205mm
   50 – 70mm  230mm
   75 – 95mm  255mm
 100-120mm  280mm
 125-145mm  305mm

Wall tie lengths indicated above are based on conventional cavity brick wall construction – Use 7mm bits for tying engineering bricks.

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180mm, 205mm