Arch Repair Kit

Arch Repair Kit has everything needed the reinforcement of soldier courses, brick arches and stone lintels. Stainless steel reinforcement bars form masonry beams and brick ties securely pin arches into the reinforced zone


Thorhelical Arch Repair Kit has everything needed the reinforcement of soldier courses, brick arches and stone lintels.­  High tensile stainless steel reinforcement bars are bedded into walls to form deep masonry beams,­ which carry and redistribute loads.  Retrofit brick ties securely pin brick headers into the reinforced zone.

  1. Masonry Reinforcement System

    The reinforcement system comprises 4 x 3.5m helical bars.  When grouted into walls this is sufficient to form a reinforced brick beam that is able to span opening of up to 2.5m wide.  A pair of bars is inserted into a pre-cut slot to form the bottom chord of the reinforced beam and the other pair of bars forms the top chord.  The masonry between the bars forms the web of the beam.­ Both pairs of bars must be extend 500mm either side of the opening

  2. Brick Tie Pining System

    The pining system comprises 6 x 305mm long stainless steel helical wall ties and a wall tie setting tools.  The self-tapping ties are driven through an undersized pilot-hole to secure soldier courses, brick arches and stone lintels to the masonry panels above.  Pilot-hole size will depend on the strength of the brick or stone.  Typically a 6mm pilot bit will be used for standard bricks and a 7mm bit for engineering brick or stone.

Arch Repair Kit includes:

4 x 3.5m lengths of 6mm helical reinforcement bars in 304 grade stainless steel
1 x 7kg tub of WHO 60 masonry repair grout (yield=3l)
1 x Grout-Master applicator with Hi-Flo nozzle
1 x Helix mixer paddle
1 x Finger trowel / brick jointer
6 x 305mm Remedial brick ties
1 x Wall tie fixing tool – SDS

Be sure to open our quick guide,­ specifi­cation sheet and the BRE load tables for masonry beam reinforcement prior to using the brick arch repair kit.

Additional information

Weight 10.794 kg
Dimensions 105 × 30 × 30 cm